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Meeting Energy Challenges With Intelligent Solutions

Be Energy Solutions is a turn-key LED lighting conversion solutions provider. We have designed and installed LED lighting conversions that have reduced energy consumption for our clients by tens of millions of kWh’s annually, saved clients millions of dollars in energy costs, and secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct cash incentives. Our process is proven and it works.
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Our Assessment
Our process is proven and it works.

We begin by performing a thorough audit and assessment of your facility, which includes:
  • Identifying each individual fixture and determining its energy consumption.
  • Interviewing your staff to understand the hours of use for each representative area in your facility.
  • Analyzing your utility bills to determine energy costs.
  • Making recommendations for replacement products based on the application of the specific space.
  • Identifying areas that are over or under-lit to optimize the new lighting design.
The Results
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Proven Savings

The results of our assessment are delivered in a Comprehensive Energy and Financial Model that includes your estimated current and post-conversion cost of energy to light your facility, a budgetary cost for converting the lighting infrastructure, and the amount of the energy incentives available for this project. This model makes it easy for you to quickly see the potential cost savings from the project, and the return on your investment.
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The Right Decision is, Be Energy Solutions.


Decision Time

Once the decision has been made to move forward with the project, and prior to the installation, our team will visit your facility and convert a sampling of fixtures in representative areas, and perform other activities in order to verify processes and fine-tune. The results of this verification process are then used to fine-tune the final scope of work.

Installation Phase

Next, after all, the details of the project have been finalized and approved, we will begin preparing all incentive applications required for the project. Once approved, the project will move to the installation phase which includes procuring of materials and scheduling the installation. Our expert licensed installation team will work with you to schedule a time that accommodates your needs and does not disrupt your operations.


Once completion of the installation phase, we will perform a final walk-through of the facility to ensure that all fixtures have been converted and are working properly. We will also deliver replacement products, and file all final incentive paperwork on your behalf.

Be Energy Solutions, Your Industrial LED Lighting Supplier.

Be Innovative. Be Efficient. Be Energy.
Be Energy Solutions is a turn-key LED lighting conversion solutions provider. 

Be Innovative. Be Efficient. Be Energy

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