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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Going electric?

At Be Energy Solutions, we are expanding our service offerings into Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation. Not only have electric vehicle (EV) purchases increased by over 2MM in the last decade, but the market is pushing consumers & industries to both convert to EV and invest in its sustainable future. We focus on four primary installations:


We take your unique facts, like your vehicle make/model, lifestyle & home electrical system, to develop the most optimal installation solution for your needs.

Multi-Family Housing and Property Management Firms

​Installing EV charging stations in apartment buildings, condo complexes and townhouse communities helps to encourage current and potential tenants to choose your location to plant their roots, especially as more and more drivers are going electric.


​As electric vehicles are becoming more and more frequent on our roads, it’s become increasingly important to have charging stations available for customers visiting your location. We work with you to understand the type of charging station will best serve your business, how many should be installed and ultimately how much you can charge customers to use electricity while they shop.


​Many school districts are converting to electric buses and transportation to help meet Michigan sustainability goals. We are experts in navigating the specific laws, regulations, safety codes & financing opportunities that schools must adhere to, all while accommodating installation schedules.

Matching you with the right charging station.

We care about one thing: driving the most value for you. That’s why we are product agnostic, only working with brands that have the highest product performance and customer service ratings. Our team is staffed with master electricians & journeymen who can help with both the product selection and what the installation process is going to look like. At the end of the day, we really do look at everything to match you with the right charging station that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  • We do a deep dive analysis into vetting the technology & industry innovations before providing you with charging stations options. While most companies just look at the charger type and adaptors, we dig into the impacts of your EV battery, Bluetooth capabilities, even making sure the station works in cold weather. Our process is guaranteed to match you with the best products on the market.

  • We work with our partners to ensure our charging stations not only work during all four seasons, but we do an extensive analysis of your home and/or location so we can properly install your charger without oversubscribing your electric panel.

  • Whether you’re the owner of a grocery store or a stay-at-home mom, we take your unique lifestyle & utility applications into consideration when selecting the right charging station. Not to mention that we know and appreciate the overall curb appeal after installation.

  • Our team are experts into finding the right programs that will help to bring you closer to your next EV charging station, all within your budget. Once we understand your specific qualifications, we can help guide you through available financing opportunities to bring down installation & charging station costs.

  • Like you, we want to work with partners who are responsive & solution-oriented. That’s why we only work with charging station suppliers who have 24/7 customer service capabilities, and guarantee satisfaction for our own installation.

Our Partners:

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