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Residential New Constructions

We work at the intersection of precision and perfection.

At Be Energy Solutions, there is no job too big or small. Our team is built of experts in electrical wiring installation & maintenance, specializing specifically in residential new constructions. We work alongside our building partners to ensure our teams operate quickly and efficiently so we stay within pre-determined construction schedules & timing. All while guaranteeing a clean workspace work is complete.

Our Areas of Expertise

We specialize in multiple facets within residential electrical wiring and maintenance. From new construction electrical installation to ongoing service & management, our team operates like a swiss army knife to make sure your lights stay on.

  • Building an entirely new residential neighborhood is no small feat. Construction seasons can be tight, and we understand how crucial it is to stay on schedule. We constantly work alongside our building partners to accommodate both timing & pricing so we can move fast (and within budget) as soon as we get the green light. Because ultimately, there’s always the “next guy” who needs to get in and get their job done.

    Our teams are structured and trained to operate both quickly & efficiently, making sure everyone is doing their part. While our electrical apprentices bring in & setup materials, our master electricians are laying out the wiring & beginning to assign roles & responsibilities. Everyone pitches in with drilling, pulling & stapling wire, fireproofing & cleanup, no one resting until we properly pass inspection. We are not only fast, but we pride ourselves in being clean and delivering a quality electrical system, all within budget.

  • Whether you have short-term renters or long-term tenants, electrical is the last thing you want to worry about when it comes to managing your properties. We work within your budget to service both multi-family housing and individual homes so we can fix that outlet that hasn’t been working for 6 months or repair the electrical panel that is oversubscribed. We work with your individual inspectors to stay within your budget, make sure your homes pass code and ultimately keep your tenants happy.

  • Interior design & architecture is constantly changing, and so does electrical technology & codes. Our master electricians are always staying up-to-date on new trends and innovations so we can consult on whatever project you had in mind. We will work with you to develop a free quote so you can bring your 1970’s-style kitchen into the 21st century or install that new covered porch you’ve been dreaming of for years. Even installing completely new lighting in all 50 kitchens of your apartment complex, we offer fair pricing that’s tailored to your specific budget & schedule.

  • We get it. Sometimes your relationship with your electrician or handyman doesn’t work out. Whether your project is kicking off, in the middle of a construction or needs a second expert opinion, we are happy to takeover and pickup where your last partner left off.

Our Partners

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